International Freight Transport is changing.

Is your company ready?

SOLVE is a company formed by experts in Competitive Intelligence, Logistics and Foreign Trade who can optimize your operations, add value to the negotiations and help in the interpretation of data and strategic movements of the sector.


We offer intelligent solutions for Importers / Exporters, Cargo Agents, Cooperatives, Ship-Owners, Authorities, Ports and Terminals, Investment Funds, Insurance Companies, etc.
R$ 0 billion
It was the approximate cost of the Brazilian companies with Logistics in 2017 - Source: FDC
  • Market prospection

  • Competition Analysis

  • Cost mappings

  • Benchmarks

  • Identification of Trends and Opportunities

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Validation of Projects

  • Support in biddings

SOLVE was created in 2016 with the aim of meeting the demands of its clients in a swift, forthright and instructive way, through the sharing of Know-how and Networking of its partners, always based on accurate information and solid concepts of Competitive Intelligence and Strategic planning.

Shipping Intelligence Platform

A digital platform capable of mapping, crossing and relating all the key indicators of the shipping market through Business Intelligence tools, so that all executives in the logistics chain can anticipate trends, opportunities, threats and thus adjust in time their decisions, strategies and negotiations.

Over the years, Foreign Trade and Logistics have become increasingly important items in the balance sheet of companies in the most varied sectors of the economy.

Currently, the success or failure of a company can be directly related to its ability to interpret and adapt to the transformations that both Foreign Trade and Logistics are going through.

The access to the platform will save you time and improve your bargaining power in the negotiations, since you will no longer need to gather information or try to decipher the movements of the sector.


Main Topics covered and Events in which SOLVE specialists have already had the opportunity to share information:

  • Maritime Transport

  • Cabotage

  • Port Handling

  • Foreign Trade

  • Regulatory Frameworks

  • Commodities

  • Logistic bottlenecks

  • 4.0 Logistics and digital revolution



The role of Foreign Trade and Shipping  in Globalization

Variables that influence the sector

The relevance of Brazil, its differentials and deficiencies to compete in a globalized world



Leandro Carelli Barreto 

Business Administrator, specializing in International Economics and Competitive Intelligence. For over fifteen years he has been acting in the sector. He was a Market Intelligence Manager at Hamburg-Süd, Professor / Counselor at Ibramerc, Director of Analyzes at Datamar Consulting and wrote for the “Guia Maritimo”. As a consultant he has already done work for LogZ, Brasil Foods, Porto de Itajaí, MSC, Steamship Mutual – P & I, Norsul among others.

Robert Grantham

He began his career in shipping agencies such as Wilson Sons, Orion and Lachmann and worked in the International Area of the Development Bank of the State of Rio Grande do Sul (Badesul). More recently, he was responsible for the start-up of China Shipping in Brazil and was Commercial Director of the Port of Itajaí. As a consultant he has already done work for Drewry, TESC, LogZ, Port of Itajaí, Steamship Mutual – P & I, Norsul, among others.


He began his career in Germany in 1979 as a trainee at Hamburg Süd and was transferred to São Paulo in 1984, where four years later he was appointed Commercial Director. He actively participated in the containerization of various types of goods along the Brazilian coast and from 2003 onwards began to dedicate himself more exclusively to refrigerated cargoes. As a consultant he has already done work for Thermotraffic, GWF, BRF and others.

Ana Carolina Baumgratz

Graduated in International Relations, she began her career in the area of ​​market intelligence in the shipping and foreign trade industry, working in different institutions and companies in the area, such as Datamar. For more than 10 years, she was a Market Intelligence manager at Inchcape Shipping Services, where she set up the intelligence department focused on business growth. As a consultant she has already done work for Port Intelligence and others.