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We Love Shipping Intelligence!

In our experience of more than 40 years in the market, we see time and again how decisions based on isolated or outdated information can generate inefficiencies in the various links of the logistics chain, resulting in lost opportunities and increased logistics costs.

SOLVE was created in 2016 to help analysts, managers, directors, and CEOs to make agile, direct, and assertive decisions, always based on accurate information and solid concepts of Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Planning.

The company was created by specialists with recognized experience in the Logistics and Foreign Trade sectors, especially with regard to the East Coast of South America.
Its founding partners have extensive experience in conducting day-to-day processes, whether in shipping companies, maritime agencies, terminals, ports, or consultancies, covering the entire scope of activities, from market intelligence, through sales, operations and institutional relationships.

This experience allows us to produce studies not only based on solid academic concepts, but also on the best market practices, always supported by an extensive network built over the years.


Conheça nossos especialistas:
Leandro Carelli Barreto

Graduate in business administration, specialized in international economy and competitive intelligence. He has worked in the sector for over fifteen years, and was market Intelligence manager at Hamburg-Süd, Professor / Councelor at Ibramerc, Director of Analysis at Datamar Consulting and Columnist for Guia Marítimo. As a consultant, he has worked for several private companies, public entities, insurance companies, shipping companies and terminals.

Robert Grantham

With a degree in English language teaching, from PUC/RS he began his career in maritime agencies, such as Wilson Sons, Orion and Lachmann. He was responsible for the start-up of China Shipping in Brazil and was Commercial and Executive Director of the Port of Itajaí. He has acted in professional associations in the sector and was a member of CAP’s in Itajai, Imbituba and São Francisco do Sul. As a consultant, he has worked for private and public companies, insurance companies, shipping companies and terminals.

Henrik Simon

He started his career in Germany in 1979, as a trainee at Hamburg Süd, having been transferred to São Paulo in 1984, where four years later he was appointed Commercial Director. He actively participated in the containerization of various types of goods along the Brazilian coast and as from 2003 onwards he began to dedicate himself more exclusively to refrigerated cargo. As a consultant, he has already worked for several private companies linked to the refrigerated cargo sector.

Ana Carolina Baumgratz

With a degree in International Relations, she began her career in foreign trade and shipping market intelligence, working in different institutions and companies in the area, such as Datamar. With more than 10 years in the industry, she was Market Intelligence Manager at Inchcape Shipping Services, where she implemented the intelligence department with a focus on commercial growth. As a consultant, she has already worked for shipping and market intelligence companies.

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