Shipping Intellingence Platform

International Cargo Transport has been undergoing numerous transformations: mega ships, mega consortia, M&A, digitalization, among others, while the fundamentals of the sector (supply, demand, freight rates, fuel, chartering) show enormous volatilities, which directly or indirectly impact on company’s results or decisions

And to help interpret these movements, we created SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE PLATFORM, which is a digital platform capable of mapping, crossing, and relating the key indicators of the shipping market through business intelligence tools and analysis by the SOLVE team, so that all links in the supply chain can anticipate trends, opportunities, threats and, therefore, adjust their decisions, strategies and negotiations in a timely manner.

By accessing the platform, the company saves time and improves bargaining power in negotiations, as it will no longer need to search information or keep trying to decipher the movements of the sector.
"Real-time" mapping of the evolution of Supply & Demand of ships, services, routes and terminals. Every Monday utilization levels are updated until the previous Sunday!!!
Complete Profile of Services, Routes, Shipowners and Container Terminals operating on the Brazilian coast: Capacity, Number of Ships/Calls/Services, Upgrades/Downgrades, Extra-loaders, Schedule Integrity (Blank Sailings, Canceled/Additional Calls) etc.
Analysis of trends and freight levels.
Access to the main themes of the sector properly interpreted. Our team subscribes to and reads more than 30 national and international media on a daily basis, which, combined with our long experience in the sector and wide/active network, allows us to offer the exact "temperature" of the market.
Some of the top subscribers!!!
In addition to SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE PLATFORM, see also the possibility of developing customized solutions for your company:
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