Shipping Intelligence Platform

International Freight Transport has been going through countless transformations: Mega Ships, Mega Consortia, M & A and Sea Freight falling while travel times are increasing (increasing inventory costs) and land logistics are on the increase.

Directly or indirectly, all this transformation has impacted the daily results and decisions of companies from various sectors and it was to help in this process that we have created the SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE PLATFORM to “translate and interpret” this market through:

• Mapping of the Evolution of Supply & Demand of ships and terminals;

• Development of weekly capacity utilization indexes for: Services, Routes, Port Terminals;

• Upgrades / Downgrades, Extra-loaders, Blank Sailings;

• Schedule Integrity, Scale Cancels, Additional Scales;

• Complete Profile of the Services, Shipowners and Terminals in operation in the Brazilian coast (Capacity, Quantity of Ships / Scales / Services, Partners etc);

• Analysis of trends and levels of freight; SOLVE interpretation of the main national / international news of the sector;

• Exclusive articles, behind the scenes in the industry and more.

Our team subscribes and accompanies more than 30 national and international communication vehicles, which, combined with the long experience in the sector and the wide and active network of partners allows SOLVE customers to offer the exact temperature of the market.

In addition to the SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE PLATFORM, also consult the possibility of developing a customized BI for your company:

• Brainstorming with the client team and managers in order to identify information that can influence / aid in making decisions and in the construction of negotiation strategies;

• Constant monitoring and detailed analysis of the variables that impact the client’s business;

• Development of customized analyzes, charts, spreadsheets, KPIs, reports and / or dashboards;

• Real time remote access to SOLVE partners for conversations about markets, trends, “new facts”, disruptions, opportunities and threats.